Why choose a natural mascara?

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Mascara is an essential part of your daily make-up bag. Unfortunately, modern mascara has nothing to do with the rock powder used initially. For all those who no longer want to use mascaras stuffed with petrochemical derivatives, more natural alternatives exist.
From conventional mascara to natural mascara
Modern mascara, a pure petrochemical product
Invented by Eugène Rimmel at the end of the 19th century, modern mascara is made from petroleum jelly, and therefore from petroleum.

Since then, its composition has continued to evolve, but without ever excluding petrochemical derivatives such as phenoxyethanol (preservative) or paraffin (mineral oil), often found in the INCI lists. There are also endocrine disruptors, such as BHT and some parabens.
Many users of "classic" mascaras feel tingling or lose eyelashes when removing makeup. Not to mention irritations, allergies… To find a mascara that does not sting the eyes and does not cause a reaction, we therefore turn to natural mascara!

The natural alternative: care mascara
Composed of vegetable waxes (candelilla, carnauba) or bee, vegetable oils and floral waters, organic mascaras make up but above all protect and nourish the eyelashes thanks to their many natural active ingredients.

They also contain gum (xanthan or arabic) for volume, pigments (iron oxide, mica) for color, and preservatives: usually sodium acetate which is the sweetest of them. In short, organic mascara is compatible with sensitive eyes.

Free of alcohol, parabens, silicones and other synthetic substances, it also takes care of the environment. None are tested on animals, and some are certified vegan and cruelty free.
Natural and organic mascara, towards more simplicity
In organic cosmetics, mascaras embody a form of minimalism, with sober colors (black, brown, more rarely purple or dark green), effective brushes, and no false promises.

They are nonetheless beneficial products for your eyelashes, since most are fortifying or lengthening. And to increase these benefits, we give you a little secret: pure castor oil applied to the eyelashes before going to sleep, ideal for promoting growth!
An effective and long-lasting natural mascara: impossible? No way !

Choose a mascara that does not run
It is true that the first generation of organic mascaras had a few surprises in store for users… Fortunately, natural cosmetics have made good progress since then, and you can wear makeup without fear of looking like a panda at noon, thanks to its excellent staying power.
Gentle make-up removal: child's play!

The other advantage that we do not think about is that removing your organic mascara is much less tedious than with a conventional product. All you need is a little vegetable oil or organic make-up remover on a wipe and presto! The trick is played, without tearing the eyelashes by the dozen.

Does the mascara damage or make the eyelashes fall out?

Wearing mascara would damage the eyelashes and cause them to fall out… Info or intox? We reassure you, this is only a received idea.

The mascaras have been thought out and designed to perfectly suit the sensitive eye area in order to minimize the risk of irritation or lashes falling out.
The way to take care of the eyelashes is however decisive for the health of the latter. Avoid curling your eyelashes once the mascara has been applied, or removing make-up from your eyes by rubbing them firmly with a cotton pad.

To take care of your eyelashes and a fortiori avoid damaging them, we recommend that you gently remove make-up by massaging them with a make-up remover oil. The mascara then dissolves effortlessly while you enjoy this moment of relaxation.
And since no one is immune to allergies to certain potentially irritating ingredients, we recommend that you choose an organic or natural mascara for its high tolerance, soothing and nourishing formula which acts as a real care for the eyelashes.
Natural mascara is with PURE BY VALERIE!

Our 2-in-1 volume and length mascara, intense black + base is composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin, without endocrine disruptors. It guarantees a very high performance: it can lengthen your eyelashes by 20% and give volume by 30%.

Its formula is based on sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, acacia gum, bay wax, candelilla wax and castor oil.

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