Our nail polishes


The very long -holding varnish of Pure By Valerie is developed from natural ingredients in order to reduce the carbon footprint without altering technical and cosmetic performance.

• Up to 84% of bio -based natural ingredients: Ecological, composed up to 84% of organized and renewable natural ingredients: cane sugar, cotton, potato, corn, wheat, cassava, clay.

Our solvents, plasticizers and nitrocellulose are not derivatives of petrochemicals.

The cotton: Rich in omega 6 and in vitamin E, it brings a filmic, slightly tensor and protective effect to the surface of the skin.
Used as a resin (nitrocellulose), it allows a long hold of the varnish.

Potato: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it strengthens the nails.

Wheat: This natural product contains vitamins E and B, minerals such as zinc, iron or magnesium and is also rich in protein, it is one of the most effective nails care products. corn, the acetyl tributyl citrate allows the varnish to form a smooth and shiny layer.

Clay: Natural ingredient of mineral origin, it gives whiteness to the nails while solidifying them.

Sugar can: Extract of sugar cane, Ethyl acetate constitutes the basis of the varnish and guarantees liquid texture.

• Very long -lasting formula of 6 days with integrated care:

Our nail polish remains intact after 6 days and does not require a basis because care is integrated.


 • "22 free":
Our nail polish is exempt from components whose effects are harmful to health and the environment, does not contain nano-participation, neither synthetic perfumes, nor endocrine disruptors.

Formulation without:
Silicone, toluene*, benzene*, formaldehyde*, dibutyl-photo, formaldehyde resin, synthetic camphor, tphp, xylene, styrene, benzophenone-1, benzophenone-3, methyl ethyl ketone (guy), glycol ethylene, hydroquinone ( HQ), Methoxyphenol-4 (MEHQ), ethoxylated nonylphenols, Tirt-Butyle hydroperoxide, green chromium oxide, bismuth oxychloride, mutagenic and reprotoxic carcinogen (CMR), Ethyl Tosylamide. (*Prohibited in Europe)
• 100 % vegan and without cruelty: ingredients not tested on animals and or animal origins.

• Our glass bottles and our caps are recyclable.

• Made in France.

• Recommended application two thin layers.