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Classic nail polish, too harmful?
Nail polishes are often singled out by various consumer associations. Their very complex compositions include irritants and endocrine disruptors. It is important to understand the composition of nail polish to better understand the limits of natural nail polish.

The standard varnish contains, among other things, phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, rosin or even camphor. Phthalate is an endocrine disruptor, toluene can be dangerous for the skin as well as the respiratory tract.

Formaldehyde is responsible for allergies and is also a component classified as carcinogenic by the European Union. Rosin causes asthmatic symptoms. Finally, camphor is guilty of nausea as well as more or less acute headaches. In short, we can easily see that behind this pretty product are hidden components that can be responsible for irritation, allergy, or even more serious problems if used over the long term.
Natural or organic nail polish? When we talk about natural nail polish, we are not talking about organic nail polish! A few chemical ingredients are sometimes essential for conservation, for it to have a shiny appearance but also for it to harden once applied and to last a long time.

Today, so-called “natural” nail polishes contain an average of 80% natural elements in the composition. Formulated without parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene, xylene, synthetic camphor, rosin etc. Faced with this health risk, many brands have responded to the demand and desire to offer products that are less toxic and more respectful of nature and the environment. These new generation varnishes favor natural ingredients that may surprise such as cassava, potato, cotton, coconut oil, and bamboo extract!
Natural nail polish is with PURE BY VALERIE! Our nail polishes are made up of up to 84% biosourced ingredients of natural origin. The residue of chemical components will help create intensity and color hold. Our polishes are also cruelty free, vegan and use eco-sourced ingredients. It has excellent color fastness. Discover our natural range

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