Story Pure By Valerie



Ecological makeup, inclusive, for all genders, morphologies, expressions, abilities, origins, ages, committed against LGBTQ+ discrimination.
SLOGAN: Unleash your femininity no matter how different you are.
PURE BY VALERIE was launched in 2014, inspired by my own personal journey, sensitive to questions of gender identity and the expression of singularity in order to break with heteronormative codes and the dictates of beauty.

Passionate about music, I started my career as an editor of magazines around artists like Madonna and Celine Dion for 15 years, supporting LGBTQ+ associations.
In 2005, I started wearing makeup to assert my femininity.

Finally being myself, passionate about fashion, I dreamed of working in the sector in order to be able to express my femininity freely.
I worked as a representative from 2008 for designers in ready-to-wear and Haute Couture between France and Canada.

During this activity, I experienced stereotypes and discrimination in the fashion and beauty sector and few brands offered non-gendered products.

Doing my make-up for years, participating in fashion evenings, I noticed that the products of big brands that I used were derived from petrochemicals and often irritated me.

I was looking for healthy, quality products, except for the few existing ecological brands that were inefficient.
Based on these observations, in 2013 I wanted to launch my make-up brand, to break gender codes, the dictates of beauty, in order to change mentalities.
I became interested in the manufacture of ecological cosmetics from 2012 by looking for suppliers of raw materials that met my requirements to offer very good quality products.

After 2 years of formulating PURE BY VALERIE started in 2014, with a nail polish of natural origin (up to 84% biosourced) and then a mascara.

PURE BY VALERIE are products up to 98% of natural origin, without endocrine disruptors (suitable for pregnant women), without animal testing, without ingredients of animal origin, made in France or Italy.
Products are created through surveys of our community.

PURE BY VALERIE is committed against LGBTQ+ discrimination by supporting associations.
Since 2014, PURE BY VALERIE has been supporting the integration of disabled people, by collaborating with several ESATs in France (establishments and work assistance services) for the packaging of our products allowing people with disabilities to have a professional activity.

The mission of PURE BY VALERIE is to advocate the freedom to be yourself, whatever your gender, orientation, artistic expression, morphology, age, origin, abilities, and pronouns.