Tips for storing your nail polish

Ongles Soins des ongles Vernis à ongles

Like other makeup products, nail polish lasts up to 2 years after opening. This duration can be extended if you take care of your varnish.

Here are our tips for keeping your nail polish as long as possible.

Store your nail polish away from heat and light:

Heat and sunlight degrade the components of the varnish. It becomes dry, pasty and heterogeneous. To avoid this, it is advisable to put your product in a cool, dry and dark place, for example in a cupboard or drawer but the ideal place would be the refrigerator.

Put your nail polish vertically:

Storing your varnishes coated causes the product to flow into the cap but also the pigments to detach from the base and the material to deposit at the neck (two-phase). It is recommended to store your polish vertically.

Clean the neck of your varnish:

Over time, varnish residue accumulates around the neck, preventing the bottle from closing properly. Be sure to clean the neck with a cotton swab with nail polish remover to remove excess dry varnish buildup.

Close your varnish tightly:

Air is an enemy of varnish like light and heat. It is important to close your bottle tightly after each use to prevent air from entering and damaging its texture. This way you increase the lifespan of your nail polish.

Shake your nail polish from time to time:

We advise you to shake your varnishes from time to time to distribute the pigments well and keep the texture intact.

Save a varnish starting to thicken?

Is your varnish becoming thick and heterogeneous? You can save it by taking advantage of some applications in this way:

- Turn the bottle upside down then right side up slowly, so as to homogenize the texture
- Warm the bottle of varnish by rubbing it gently between your hands
- Pour a few drops of oil (sweet almond or avocado), special varnish thinner or 70° alcohol

Do not dilute your varnish with nail polish remover as this alters the texture and opacity of the product.

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