Double mascara (2 in 1)

Mascara (2 in 1) black + volume base and length with a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin is creamy, volumizing and restructuring.

It is able to dramatically volumize lashes by lengthening and thickening them in one step. After application, your lashes will be fuller, extra thick, stronger and more resilient.

It guarantees a very high performance: it can lengthen your eyelashes by 20% and give volume by 30%.

• Extreme finish• High coverage• Moisturizing• Volumizing• Lengthening• Restructuring • For short and fragile lashes• Fragrance-free

USE: Dip the applicator into the container and, at first, apply only to the tip of the eyelashes.
Then apply the product with the applicator, the eyelashes root along their entire length to the tips.

Its formula is based on sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, acacia gum, bay wax, candelilla wax and castor oil.

• Jojoba Oil: For eyelash care, jojoba oil stands out as one of the best for promoting natural eyelash growth. It is an essential fatty acid that deeply nourishes the eyelashes, reducing their excessive fall. It has a strong antioxidant action

• Castor oil:
This vegetable oil comes from the Ricinus communis plant. Its benefits are attributed to its essential fatty acids and vitamins. It is used to moisturize and lengthen eyelashes, its nutrients are assimilated when applied to this area.


100 % Cruelty free

100% cruelty-free:
Ingredients not tested on animals.

Made in Italy