Infos — Vernis à ongles

Conseils pour conserver son vernis à ongles

Ongles Soins des ongles Vernis à ongles

Comme les autres produits de maquillage, le vernis à ongles a une durée de vie  jusqu'à de 2 ans après ouverture. Cette durée peut être prolongée si vous prenez soin de votre vernis. Voici nos astuces pour conserver son vernis à ongles le plus longtemps possible.Ranger son vernis loin de la chaleur et de la lumière: La chaleur, la lumière du soleil dégradent les composants du vernis. Il devient sec, pâteux et hétérogène. Pour éviter cela, il est conseillé de mettre votre produit dans un endroit frais, sec et sombre, par exemple dans une armoire ou un tiroir mais l’endroit...

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natural nail polish

Manucure Ongles Soins des ongles Vernis à ongles

Classic nail polish, too harmful?Nail polishes are often singled out by various consumer associations. Their very complex compositions include irritants and endocrine disruptors. It is important to understand the composition of nail polish to better understand the limits of natural nail polish. The standard varnish contains, among other things, phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, rosin or even camphor. Phthalate is an endocrine disruptor, toluene can be dangerous for the skin as well as the respiratory tract. Formaldehyde is responsible for allergies and is also a component classified as carcinogenic by the European Union. Rosin causes asthmatic symptoms. Finally, camphor is guilty of...

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching

Mascara Ongles Vernis à ongles Yeux

  Valentine's Day is coming!Give your loved one a meaningful gift they will enjoy for life  Suggestions (see shop):   Nail polish - Red Desire -14 euros• Red color nail polish• Ecological, composed of 76% biosourced and renewable natural ingredients from: cotton, potato, corn, wheat, cassava. Nail polish - Karina - 14 euros• Cherry red color nail polish• Ecological, composed of 71% bio-sourced and renewable natural ingredients from: cane sugar, cotton, potato, corn, wheat, cassava, clay .  Mascara (2 in 1) Black + Base Volume and length 29 eurosIts formula is based on sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, acacia gum,...

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Manicure: trendy varnish colors in 2023

Ongles Vernis à ongles

The red (Red desire)   With red polish, you won't make any mistakes. This shade is timeless and elegant. Nude (Cream)   Nude, for a sober and chic manicure. This nail polish color goes with while sublimating the hands and feet. Black Nails in black, it's more than ever the moment. For a sophisticated result, opt for a glossy finish with our base/top coat.  

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Argan oil, a treatment for the nails

Huile d'argan Ongles Soins des ongles Vernis à ongles

The benefits of argan oil are beneficial for the health and beauty of the nails.

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