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Transidentity: gender change from the age of 16 in Spain

LGBTQ+ Transidentité

Since February 15, 2023, gender self-determination is now in Spain from the age of 16.Spanish MPs passed a law allowing people to change gender on their identity papers with a simple administrative declaration, without providing medical reports or proof of hormonal treatment.The reform must also allow 14-16 year olds to freely change gender, provided that they are accompanied by their legal guardians.In Europe, Denmark was the first country to grant this right to transgender people, in 2014.

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20 October - Spirit Day


The spirit day, or day of the spirit if we literally translate into French, is a day of awareness of LGBTQI + issues every year on the third Thursday of October. This day was set up in 2010 following a wave of harassment that led to the suicide of many homosexual students.This day therefore aims to do prevention with young LGBTQI+ on suicidal behavior, and to highlight the seriousness of harassment, in the case where the victims are LGBTQI+ people. The day sees many people supporting these youngsters wearing purple colored clothing.The color is not chosen at random and refers...

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Disability Pride Month

Handicap LGBTQ+ Pride

  July is Disability Pride MonthIt is an opportunity to promote awareness and understanding of disability issues around the world, to accept and honor the uniqueness of each person.Since 2014 PURE BY VALERIE has been committed to the integration of disabled people, by collaborating with several ESATs in France (establishments and work assistance services) for the packaging and shipping of our products allowing people with disabilities disability to have a professional activity.We support the APF Handicap associationWe also fight against LGBTQ+ discrimination by supporting LGBTQ+ associations

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